1. Monday

    12:30-13:25       Pilates Mat 3
    18:30-19:25       Pilates Mat 2
    18:30-19:25       Pilates Equipment Trio
    19:30-20:25       Pilates Equipment Trio
    19:30-20:25       Performance Barre 2/3

  2. Tuesday

    08:00-08:55       Pilates Mat 2
    17:00-17:55       Pilates for Beginners
    18:00-18:55       Pilates Mat 1
    19:30-20:25       Perform HIIT

  3. Wednesday

    13:00-13:55       Pilates Mat 2
    17:30-18:25       Pilates Mat 3
    18:30-19:25       Performance Barre 1/2
    18:30-19:25       Pilates Equipment Trio
    19:30-20:25       Pilates Equipment Trio
    19:30-20:25       Perform HIIT

  4. Thursday

    08:00-08:55       Pilates Mat 1
    16:00-16:55       Staatstheater Pilates
    18:30-19:25       Pilates Mat 1
    19:30-20:45       Yoga in English

  5. Friday

    14:30-15:25       Pilates Mat 1
    17:00-17:55       Pilates for Men
    18:00-18:55       Performance Barre 2/3

  6. Saturday

    09:00-09:55       Yoga in English basics
    10:00-10:55       Pilates for Men
    10:00-10:55       Pilates Equipment Trio
    11:00-11:55       Pre/ Post Natal Pilates
    12:15-13:10       Pilates Equipment Trio
    12:30-13:25       Pilates for Multiple Sclerosis
    13:30-14:25       Tanz, Body & Brain

All classes are taught in English and German.

Before you join a Pilates Equipment Trio class, we strongly recommend that you do solo trainings first to be introduced to the Equipment and use of the Reformer, Chair, Towers…
The group classes and trios are on different class cards and can be reserved on a “drop in” basis or a 10 class card. 10 Class cards expire after 6 Months.
Please use the Mindbody online system to reserve your spot.

Book a Class

In order to reserve your place for any of the group classes or to make an appointment for a Solo or Duet training, please use the MindBody online system by clicking here. You can download the MindBody app for your phone to see the course plan and reserve your spot in English. Due to the small class sizes, only a reservation guarantees you a place in the course. Reservations, cancellations, appointment changes and payments can all be done here. Thank you, I look forward to your visit!