Dance / Fitness

Performance Barre

Performance Barre is a culmination of over 30 years of dance experience. It is a class designed to take the best ballet barre exercises and make them accessible so everyone has the possibility of training like a ballet dancer. This class will use Pilates, Yoga, ballet floor barre, and sports visualization techniques to improve the body’s physical and mental capacity. Emphasis is placed not only on a workout, but grace, posture and musicality. Use this class to deepen your knowledge of your own body, to explore dance technique, to come back from an injury, or just to become more physically and mentally fit. No prior dance experience is necessary.

Dance, Body & Brain

Dance, Body & Brain is a course for people with multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s or stroke. The course takes place mostly in sitting and / or standing. Dance elements such as ballet, swing, latin, jazz are used to set the body in motion. Music and coordination are used to develop new neurological pathways, and of course expect to have some fun. Everyone is invited and welcome to try something new that challenges the body and the brain!

Ballet for Adults

This class is open to all adults that have either taken ballet as children/young adults or who have just always wanted to try a classical ballet class. We learn the basics of ballet technique at the barre with corrections specific for your body. Artistry, musicality and rhythm are learned through ballet technique as we develop long, strong muscles, flexibility and better posture. Ballet shoes /clothes are not required.



The Perform HIIT class is a combination of pilates exercises and High Intensity Interval Training. We warm up using essential pilates exercises as we prepare the body to move safely and increase our core strength. The HIIT section of the class are short periods of intense physical work using functional fitness exercises which are followed by rest pauses. After HIIT we are back to Pilates and integrate the use of resistance bands, weights and repetition to increase the calorie burn. High Intensity Interval Training has been proved by exercise scientists to increase energy output, cardio vascular health, lower body mass, increase speed. This workout will raise your heart rate, challenge your body and mind in a team environment. Be ready to sweat and have fun. This course is an intense workout.

What we do: Running, Intervals, Resistance Bands, Plyometrics, Medicine Balls, Pilates
Benefits: Weight Loss, Increased Power, Aerobic Conditioning, Anaerobic Improvement, Speed Development, Stamina, Strength, Meet New People

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We are available to teach Dance classes that are not currently on the weekly plan. If you are interested, please contact me.
• Private or small group ballet or contemporary dance
• Coaching and Mentoring
• Adult beginning ballet
• Private dance coaching either to solve specific technique problems and/or to dig deeper artistically
• Workshops for Students in Choreography, Improv, Partnering, Ballet, Contemporary…
• Company class for professionals/Rehearsal directing
• Choreography for film, commercial, competition, show choir, fashion shows, recitals, musicals….
• Dance coaching available for cheerleading, gymnastics, ice dance, ballroom…