Price List

Group Training
(Studio or Virtual)

Pilates Mat levels 1, 2 and 3, Performance Barre, Perform HIIT, Yoga in English, Ballet, Pilates for Men, Pre/Post Natal Pilates

Trial Class       14 Euro
Drop in Class       18 Euro
5 Class Card       85 Euro Valid 3 Months
10 Class Card       150 Euro Valid 6 Months

*Any group class can be visited with a group class card

Pilates Equipment

Personal Training with Pilates Equipment (Reformer, Stability Chair, Tower Trainer, Spine Corrector, Jump Boards, Arc Barrels…)

Solo (55 Min.)

Trial Class       55 Euro
Drop in Class       80 Euro
5 Class Card       380 Euro Valid 3 Months
10 Class Card       700 Euro Valid 6 Months

Xpress (30 Min.)

Drop in Class       45 Euro

Duet (55 Min.) *Prices per person

Drop in Class       45 Euro
5 Class Card       213 Euro Valid 3 Months
10 Class Card       405 Euro Valid 6 Months

Trio (55 Min.) *Prices per person

Drop in Class       38 Euro
5 Class Card       180 Euro Valid 3 Months
10 Class Card       342 Euro Valid 6 Months

Student Rate

10 Group Class Card       135 Euro Valid 6 Months

*Students until the age of 25 may purchase the rate with a valid ID at the studio.

Pilates for Multiple Sclerosis Rate

10 Group Class Card       115 Euro Valid 6 Months

*Class card only possible for purchase in studio or by money transfer

Give the Gift of Movement!

Perfect for any occasion: Birthdays, Graduation, Christmas, Anniversary, Birth of a baby, Valentines Day … Gift Certificates of any denomination are available to purchase from the online store, in the studio or by email.

Please Read the House Rules

• 10 class cards are valid for 6 months. 5 class cards are valid for 3 months.
• Please be aware that any exercise program has a risk of injury. Please be aware and follow teacher instructions. Do not “push through” pain. There are many modifications for every exercise. Please talk with the teacher if an exercise is uncomfortable or painful. Thank you.
• Opening times are 10 minutes before and after each course.
To register for a class, please use the Mindbody online system located under “reservation” tab. Or download the Mindbody Online App to register in English.
• A course lasts 55 minutes (if not otherwise listed.)
• An Xpress lasts 25 minutes (if not otherwise listed.)
• To reserve a Duet, you need a partner. Please speak with us if you do not have a pilates partner.
• Course registration is valid after receipt of payment.
• Class cards are not transferable and non refundable once they have been activated.
• With a 10 class Group card, you have the possibility to visit any group course on the schedule, provided there is a spot available. Pre-registration is mandatory because of the small class size.
• It is also possible to reserve a regular spot in a class on a specific time/day.
• Please understand that appointments must be cancelled at least 24 hours in advance. Please do this through the MindBody Online booking system.
• Please understand that you will be charged for missed classes that are not cancelled 24 hours in advance.
• The studio is closed on public holidays, during the Christmas holidays and 3 weeks in the Summer holidays.
• Please wear training clothing (WITHOUT zippers) and socks. **** If you have forgotten your workout clothes there is a small amount of clothing available to borrow.
• During Solo appointments it is possible to have other people present, for example children of all ages. Please let us know in advance so we can plan our workout and workout area to be safe and appropriate for your little one.
• With the publication of this price list all previous price lists expire.

If you have a wish for a class time, please feel free to suggest it. Solo and Duet hours are flexible around your schedule. Trio Classes are prescheduled appointments and are not flexible. If you are looking for another half to a Duet course or would like to schedule your Trio, please email me ( and I will find a match for you.